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Our Story

Brain and Theresa Keweenaw.jpg

Brian and Theresa in the Keweenaw


In April of 1998, Brian and Theresa Hendrick felt a burden for those who serve in Christian ministry and felt called to develop a retreat ministry for them. The Lord laid Mark 6:31 on their hearts where Christ says to His disciples, "...Come with Me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest."  In the fall of 1999, Quiet Place Ministries (QPM) was incorporated and received nonprofit status from the IRS.

The goal of QPM is to help strengthen those in ministry in their walk with the Lord, their marriages, and their families. The pressures in ministry can be great and many become discouraged. Often the family suffers, lacking time together. Quiet Place Ministries provides time away (a retreat) where families can spend time together and with the Lord. Because those with lower incomes have a more difficult time getting away, QPM has a special burden to help them, although others who have a need for a retreat are also welcome.

We praise the Lord for the 4.85 acres He provided in April of 2019 to develop for the ministry.  Meanwhile, we will continue to provide retreats in vacation homes, rental homes, resorts, and at other retreat facilities.  QPM seeks facilities in quiet, peaceful settings.

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