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More Testimonies

     “I am in the process of a transition… To stop and “just breath” on the way to the “new” was an incredible blessing. All of the questions in my mind were silenced and His peace entered in. My focus changed from what’s next to enjoying a Joy Journey with Jesus and to the perfect peace that He is, trusting that He truly goes before me. I know that having this time to refocus will have a significant impact on my new season. I’m so all those who give to make these getaways possible.”

     "We all got to spend time with the Lord and each other. It was a special trip with lots of rest, reflection, and renewing of our spirit."

     "I am so thankful to Quiet Place Ministries for providing my husband and me with the opportunity to take time away from our usually hectic schedules and spend time with God, with each other, and in quiet reflection on our recent experiences. It was truly refreshing and we enjoyed all of it! The (resort) facilities were very well-maintained and the staff were very helpful and friendly."

     "I am also thankful to those who contributed by providing the lodging free of cost. That was hugely helpful as we would not have been able to participate without that assistance. Thank you so much for this experience!"

     "We cannot express how beneficial this time was for us as a pastoral couple.  It is a crucial time for us since our ministry is about to triple in size. We spent so much time praying, reading, discussing, and seeking God for His guidance. We are also about to reunite our foster daughter with her family which is a bittersweet time for us. This retreat allowed us to draw near to the Father and find peace in the midst of the pain."

     "We truly cannot thank you enough and articulate how valuable QPM is to those who are grinding daily in ministry and often don't have the means to take time away for refreshment."

     "It was probably the best and most relaxing time we have had as a family—we didn’t have to do a lot of planning to accomplish the activities, and the nature walks and trails as well as the games were right where we stayed. The other activities were near and relaxing. I was able to read whole books of the Bible at one setting, which was helpful for my personal walk."

     "We greatly appreciate all that QPM did to help us with an awesome time to rest, relax, and reflect on God’s beautiful creation—it definitely helped us recharge our batteries."

     "Amazing! I was so impressed when I walked in that my eyes watered. The setting is beautiful, and the home was more than I expected. I am both refreshed and overflowing! I feel as though I have my song back! I really can’t thank you enough. It is a wonderful thing you are doing. I needed this more than I knew. By sowing into me, you are sowing into hundreds of people who will reap the benefit of my spiritual health. I think you are literally saving churches.”

     “The retreat was a really good time for us to get quiet, rest, and refocus. It was an amazing time to reevaluate our lives, looking at where we have gone and where we are going. So often, on the field, we can get into many unhealthy patterns with the busyness of life and lose sight of the big picture. This retreat was a way to regain that focus. We wouldn’t have made the time or spent money to do this, if it hadn’t been for Quiet Place Ministries.”

     “This is the first time we have had an entire week off from work and ministry in 20 years of marriage! We celebrated our anniversary this month. The week was absolutely amazing! We are refreshed, excited, and renewed – as a family and with our ministries. We received revelation on some things that need to change in order to move forward and to balance time. We were able to drop some burdens/weights off, and start fresh when we returned to ministry work. Our daughter was able to make some decisions, and move forward in some areas she previously feared. It was an amazing time of spiritual refreshing and breakthrough. It was perfect.”


     “The time of our retreat was very refreshing! It gave us as a family a lot of time to spend together and we grew closer to each other and to God. We’ll continue to do the Lord’s work with renewed strength. It was very nice to get away from all the busyness of life… We truly sensed God's presence with us during the time of our stay at Fairhaven Ministries - the time we spent there was time well spent. The fresh mountain air combined with the quiet time will remain a memorable time for all of us."


     “For the first time in our married and ministry life we felt unplugged! I actually shut my cell phone off for the first time ever while on a trip. My wife and I keep talking about how relaxed we felt. We also felt very spiritually fed and really enjoyed our time of study and reflection. The Lord used this as a powerful time in our lives. Thank you for allowing us the time and space to be still and know that He is Lord! It has blessed us far more than you know. We both feel reconnected as a family, and ready to resume ministry with energy, passion, and joy.”


     “We came back from (a Middle Eastern country) after a stressful time and jumped right into speaking at one of our churches. So we needed a break to get away, rest, and meet with the Lord. We appreciate you providing a place that we were able to do just that. We enjoyed the quiet, the place all to ourselves, the friendly hostess, and the surrounding towns with their festivals. We needed the time to regroup and pray about our future as we wait on Him. May God continue to bless your ministry.”


     “The home and grounds were absolutely beautiful. The view, the peace and quiet, were amazing! It was just so nice to be able to study the Bible without preparing for a message or class. It was all we wanted to study; just the WORD. Our family bonded and interacted in ways we have not been able to in so long. Our daughter said 'It was perfect, we really bonded!' This retreat had to come from GOD HIMSELF, because we were blessed spiritually, physically, emotionally, and relationally with God and with one another. Only God could have set this up, and only He could have known how much we needed everything we gained from this experience. We are eternally grateful. Words cannot really explain.”


     "We had a wonderful retreat! The home was lovely – perfect for all 7 of us to spread out and have time alone with the Lord, yet also great for family cooking and just hanging out together. The beauty was conducive to reflective devotional time and the nearby outdoor activities provided places to go get exercise that tired out our bodies. The combination of rest for our minds and souls and activity for our bodies was perfect!"

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