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retreat guests
Testimonials from some who have gone on retreats:
"Our retreat was a wonderful time of relaxation and family time – no schedule, no worries, just relaxing and loving our kids and each other…It was the spark we needed to feel rested and refocus our energy in our church. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to reclaim family."

"The accommodations were excellent! The house was clean, comfortable, and beautiful. We really had a relaxing week and all enjoyed spending time together as a family. I don't think we even realized how badly our family needed this time to reconnect to God and each other…We feel extremely blessed to have had this time away from the pressures of ministry. What an awesome gift to our family!"

"This retreat gave us an opportunity to get away from the busyness of our ministries. The peacefulness of the mountain chalet was a perfect place to retreat and be inspired by God's Word and by His creation. We enjoyed our time with the Lord and with each other very much. Thank you for making this retreat possible. We came back refreshed and ready to serve the Lord."

retreat guests "Thanks so much for your ministry. It was greatly enjoyed this past week by my family. The cabin was perfect for us. We had just the right amount of room. It couldn't have worked out better. We saw deer in the backyard and a fox in the front. Once, as we were driving out of the neighborhood, we saw a group of about thirty turkeys just wandering in someone's front yard. Lot's of fun. The kids already miss “our cabin”…It was a blessing and a true answer to prayer."

"What a blessing to come away together and just spend time re-charging. Your ministry is filling a need that pastor's families have – to get away from the phone and office – and spend time being with just each other. Thank you so much!"

We just wanted to thank you so much for allowing us to go on a retreat to a condo in Florida – it was amazing! We truly were able to relax and feel so comfortable while we were there. We actually feel like it was “medicinal” – it was just what we needed and it provided so much blessing to us! Very refreshing. We celebrated our 5 year anniversary while we were there. It was like a second honeymoon! Thank you so much!"

"We had a wonderful time resting, spending time as a family, drawing closer to the Lord and each other. I loved the time I had to pray while walking along and sitting next to the creek. God spoke to me in many ways and my heart was encouraged. I found rest for my soul."
retreat guests
Our Prayer Requests:
That we will serve the Lord faithfully and with integrity.
For the guests of Quiet Place, that they will find refreshment and renewal during their retreats.
For the Lord to provide land for Quiet Place, that we may build a ministry for Him. Specifically, we are praying for at least 40 acres, preferably with water, in the mid-Michigan area. However, we are open to whatever God has for us.
Pray that God will provide, through His people, the resources necessary for this ministry to operate.
For the Board of Directors, as we seek God's direction.

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We want to give the Lord praise and glory for all He has done for Quiet Place Ministries. He deserves credit for encouraging His servants through this ministry.

Directors: Brian & Theresa Hendrick
Office: 334 Bradley Drive, Jackson, Michigan 49201
Phone: 517-817-1680  E-mail: quietplaceministries@gmail.com

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