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The way we set up retreats is different than most ministries since we do not yet own facilities.  We do not work on scheduling a retreat until after receiving a retreat request form.  Once we receive the request form and feel it is God's will to provide a retreat for you, we will contact you about possible retreat locations. If you would like more information first, please call us.
It is very helpful for us to know who will be going on the retreat (some locations are limited to adults) and how far you are willing or able to travel.  Until we know these things, we cannot check on availability.  Since we use a variety of locations, we talk with you about options and then go from there.  Once we know what dates you have open for your retreat and what kind of location works for you, we call facilities or owners to check on availability.  We are open to using any facility you would like to go to for your retreat as our goal is to meet your needs.
We need at least two weeks for the process of setting up a retreat. The more time we have, however, the better, especially if ministry finances are low at the time of your request. Also, several locations book up well in advance, particularly during peak seasons. If you are interested in a retreat, please send us a completed retreat request form. Filling out a request form is not confirmation of a retreat. More specific information will be given if we are able to accommodate you. If you have any questions, you may email them or call us.  The office is in the basement of our home, so you can call anytime, bearing in mind that we are in the Eastern Time zone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a retreat?
One of Webster's definitions of retreat is "a period of withdrawal for prayer, meditation, and instruction." Each retreat that Quiet Place sponsors is a time away in a cabin, cottage, Bed and Breakfast Inn, condo, etc. During the retreat, we encourage our guests to focus on building and strengthening relationships with God and each other. If our guests need time as an entire family, a couple, or an individual, we do our best to accommodate them. The retreat is a time to step back from the responsibilities of ministry for refreshment and renewal. We do not believe that “burn-out” is part of God's plan for us (although it happens far too often), rather that He wants us to be fresh and excited about serving Him. The ministry name comes from Mark 6:31, where Jesus tells His disciples, "Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest." We feel that if Christ periodically went by himself to pray and meditate, then we should, too. A quiet and peaceful location is perfect for hearing God speak to our hearts through prayer and the Word. There is also ample time during the retreat for other activities. We pray that each retreat is a time of encouragement and rest.

Who can go on a retreat?
Quiet Place reaches out to people who serve in vocational Christian ministry. Retreats are designed for individuals, married couples, or families, not groups (i.e. church boards, etc). Retreat guests may serve in a church, inner city ministry, a camp, a crisis pregnancy center, foreign field, etc. Each ministry is important, and each position in that ministry is important. We want to encourage them to keep serving and realize they need a break now and then. We provide the accommodations for them to get the break they need. Many people we work with have a low income and cannot afford to get away. We take each request for a retreat on an individual basis, and take into consideration a variety of circumstances to determine who actually goes on a retreat. Each person who requests a retreat provides us with their salvation testimony, as our program is designed to reach out to Christians. Unfortunately, that term is sometimes misunderstood, so we want to hear from them specifically about their relationship with God.

Where do your guests come from?
Because we rent facilities, we have no boundaries for the ministry. Retreats have taken place in many states in the USA, and as far away as Kenya, Africa.

How much does a retreat cost QPM?
The cost will vary depending on the facilities we rent, the length of stay, number of people, etc. We try to keep facility costs under $500, but most are worth much more. Some locations are made available at a very low cost to QPM. The lower the cost, the more retreats we can have a year. We try to rent nice facilities because we want our guests to feel special. There is no charge to our guests for their retreat, although food, travel expenses, activities (i.e. golf, museums), etc. may not be included in the retreat. Depending on the need and the financial state of the ministry, we may be able to help with travel and food costs.

How is Quiet Place Ministries supported?
Our support comes from caring individuals and churches that feel led to donate to QPM. Some give on a monthly basis, and we also receive some periodic and one time gifts. All donations are tax deductible, as QPM is a 501(c) 3, non-profit corporation. The Board of Directors sets the yearly budget. We trust that God will provide the resources necessary for us to operate, and that as the needs grow, God's provisions will also. Our personal level of support is currently less than 20% of our need. Brian also works another job to provide for our family. Therefore, he is not available in the office as often as Theresa who also has a smaller part-time job.

What are some of the needs of Quiet Place?
Our greatest need is to have God's people praying for us and our retreat guests. Finances, of course, are necessary for the ministry to operate. Land to develop is a need for Quiet Place. Office supplies, help with mailings, etc. are all appreciated. We are always looking for more facilities for our guests to use. We appreciate learning of nice, peaceful cottages, cabins, vacation homes, etc. which may be available for retreats.

Please pray for QPM as we seek to encourage people to keep serving in ministry.

Directors: Brian & Theresa Hendrick
Office: 334 Bradley Drive, Jackson, Michigan 49201
Phone: 517-817-1680  E-mail: quietplaceministries@gmail.com

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